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About fieldwork Africa

We Are Your African Basecamp for Worry-Free Fieldwork

We are a field-based agency in Africa. We support companies and individuals conduct multi-country and single country bottom line data collection. Our Network of Field team across Africa and the Middle East is made of highly trained research professionals, that have spent the most part of their careers working in the marketing research sector around the world.
You Focus on Research
We can take on all your fieldwork requirements: Quantitative and Qualitative Research
Industry we Serve
We serve a wide array of sectors in providing quality data.
Quality, Cost and Speed
This is our matra when we take on any project since the last 20 years.
Our objective is to assist our clients in developing successful businesses using research as a tool for better market decision making.

Our Achievements

A 32,000 sample size survey was conducted for a social media giant in 2017

The FWA team successfully fields several projects annually, including several massive, multi-country projects with tens of thousands of interviews. We conduct and consult for clients that want to better understand their brand, the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing communications campaigns, new product features and options and more. FWA can consult on survey and questionnaire design, sample size and representative, and help with data analytics when the studies are complete.

What is our mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with accurate data and quick turn-around at competitive market rates.

To streamline the fielding process, Fieldwork Africa offers Fieldwork Network, a team dedicated to managing multi-market studies from start to finish and single country projects. We have carefully vetted and established partnerships with respected facilities and fieldwork capabilities in several countries in Africa. The Africa Network team has navigated the unique research cultures of over 20 countries and are expert in these research areas:
Consumer research
Retail and audit measurement
Social research
Online panel
Consumer panel
The quality of researchers in FWA impressed me most, their absolute professionalism based on years of experience in the local market, as well as their willingness.  I can thus strongly recommend this company for any type of research... 

We make a difference…..


We believe communication is the key to success to any research project we work on with our clients so we have devised a specialized workflow which would allow for better communication with our project manager, high transparency in the methodology, and keeping our clients up-to-date on the progress of the project.
We are a local company with regional coverage and rich experience in all markets we operate in, delivering top tier research services across Africa.
We guarantee a 6-hour response time for any enquiry or request you may have, regardless of your physical location.
With a lineup of project managers with expertise in various industries and strong experience in related fields of studies, we can always find the perfect fit to handle your project.

Process of projects

Our data collection methodology are seamless and we often encourage clients to be part of it. From Training stage, where the client witness the standard of our data collection technique as we brief. We are transparent with our Quality Control implementations and share the details of our actions with our clients.
What is more from us is that our clients trust us to gather additional market insights that are valuable to the study.


Vendor selection
Field study awarded


Field preparation.
All survey instruments develop at this stage


In-house preliminary test must be carried out


Project execution, travels, training and quota monitoring

Back Checking

Appropriate Quality Control measures are applied

Data Management

Collation, data check and cleaning.
Tabulated data delivery !

Bringing fieldwork into the digital age

Given the on-going importance and paradim shift from PAPI to Online surveys, it is important we do not lag behind when it comes to quality, responsiveness and innovation. Our offering includes online surveys using web application and mobile surveys using mobile app on the respondents' devices.
If we need to be face to face, we collect data using hand held devices like smart mobile phones, PDAs and tablets. We use the ideal technological platform so fieldworkers collect real time data and we monitor progress in the field seamlessly.

The experience becomes richer with the introduction of the tablet, which has many capabilities and helps to break down any literacy barrier. Playing a video to the respondent to recreate the familiarity of contexts, showing ad videos, posters, or pack designs- all move to reduce the dependency on memory as well as give an adequate description in a bid to induce meaningful insights.

great features

Flexibility | Rapport building | Logic Checks | Web enabled | Muti-Language | Multimedia

A field and data collection company operating in more than 20 countries in Africa. We have a high fieldwork standard, recruitment procedure and quality control measure that are unique and pace setting which enables client improve the lives of consumers in Africa


Family Planning
Media Research
Opinion Poll
Social Impact Evaluation and Monitoring
Ad Evaluation
Consumer Segmentation and Experience
Consumer Product and Concept Test
Customer Satisfaction Measurement